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The Southeast's Choice
for Solar Energy


 Why Choose Cornerstone Solar?

You have made the responsible and cost-effective decision to go with solar energy. Good job! We know you have options on companies and we want to reassure you that when you choose Cornerstone, you have chosen the best.

We are dedicated to excellent customer service and will walk you through every step of the process. Starting with our Remote Evaluation, to the Installation Plan and Battery Storage, and through Financing Options, our dedicated team will guide you so that you can focus on enjoying your new solar powered home or business! 

How Solar Works For You

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Home Solar

Cornerstone Solar South believes that making the switch to solar should be easy, not complicated. We evaluate your needs and develop a comprehensive plan for installation. Rest assured, Cornerstone Solar South will manage every step of the process through our dedicated team focused on your individual home!

How can solar save you money? In addition to the monthly energy savings, you also receive help from the government. If you are a homeowner adding solar panels, you will receive a Federal Tax Credit equal to 30% of the cost! For example, let’s say your solar array costs $20,000. Your Federal Tax Credit will be $6,000! You can then finance the balance of $14,000 leaving you with a very manageable monthly payment.

Commercial Solar Power

Business is hard enough, isn’t it time you gave yourself a raise by going solar? The Federal Government offers a 26% Solar Tax Credit when you file your taxes. Additionally, commercial customers are allowed to depreciate the cost of the solar installation and panels over a 5-year accelerated period reducing your overall tax expense. An average business pays off their new solar system in 4.3 years.

The government is paying you to go solar.  What are you waiting for?

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“It was terrific to turn on all the high intensity energy systems—HVAC and others—and see the outside utility/electric meter not move...”
Tim Kelly


I have used Kevin Gibbs and the CSS team twice now for Solar related projects and have been extremely pleased with their work.
David H.


“Kevin and his crew at Cornerstone Solar South were one of the nicest, hard-working crews that I have ever hired.”
H. Troxel

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